Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. MckMama has been on a Not Me Monday hiatus while caring for her baby, so I have had PLENTY of opportunities to have NOT ME MONDAY. But these take the cake, and they all happened in the last 4 days.

This week, I did NOT use public bathroom paper towels as a diaper changing pad while I was changing my little one. They did NOT stick to his bum, and I did NOT make more of a mess than if I were to just use the new diaper underneath instead of paper towels.

My little one did NOT fall 4 times in 4 days and he did NOT hit his head all 4 times. He did NOT do this while I was supposed to be watching him, and holding his hand. I did NOT feel bad, and my darling hubby did NOT give me a hard time. One of those times was NOT in Target and I was NOT embarrassed that my little one was screaming bloody murder at the registers while I was trying to make a purchase, and couldn't hear the cashier talking to me. Didn't he know that I was deaf at that point and couldn't hear him trying to make jokes, nor was I in the mood for his unfunny satire.

After the Target incident, I did NOT wake up my little one an hour after he went to sleep. I was NOT worried that he had a concussion when, after picking him up, he wouldn't wake up. I did NOT bring him to my husband worried that I had given my son a concussion. My darling husband did NOT just say my little one's name and he woke right up for him. I was NOT relieved that he didn't have a concussion.

I did NOT fall down more than one time while bowling on Saturday at my son's 6th birthday party. I did NOT get up and act like I did that on purpose. My 6 year old did NOT come and tell me that wasn't the way you were supposed to bowl. I was NOT utterly embarrassed in front of my closest friends and the other strangers who were also bowling on a busy Saturday.

I did NOT forget birthday candles for my son's birthday party, I did NOT forget wrapping paper for my son's presents, and I did NOT make 3 separate trips to the Dollar Store to make these purchases. I always make a list and have great organization about the parties that I throw for my children.

This was my was yours?

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