Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long OVERDUE Update

I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted on my blog! I have so many things to catch everyone up on, that I am going to be lazy and list them.

1. I moved back to Winston-Salem, NC on November 12th, and it seems like I have been running NON-STOP around here. The boys have settled into the new routine in NC and Ed has completed his training at work, and is officially taking live calls. He works at the Help Desk for Market America in GSO, NC. It's been REALLY nice to FINALLY be home with Silas and Timmy.

2. We moved in with my parents, so I have unpacked and settled into the space available to my family. My parents are VERY gracious to allow us to move in while we get back on our feet. It's SO nice to be able to spend so much time with my parents daily.

3. We spent Thanksgiving Day over at my little sister's house. We ate TOO much food and laughed WAY too hard! Lots of memories were made that will last a lifetime.

4. I found an OB to take over my prenatal care, so it was a pretty smooth transition. Ed and I took the hospital tour a couple of weeks ago so that we would be familiar with the surroundings. It will be REALLY different to not have Emma in Texas like I did with the boys. The fact that I have so much family around is pretty darn amazing! I CAN'T WAIT to have family visit at the hospital.

5. My pregnancy has been going very well since my arrival in NC. Since I am not working outside of the home, I have been able to take naps when Silas naps in the afternoon. This has helped tremendously in this last couple of weeks when I feel like I am the size of an elephant. After becoming a stay at home mom since arriving in NC, I don't know how in the world I managed when I worked 40 hours outside of the home...sometimes I can't make it without a nap everyday. God has blessed me tremendously by allowing us to live with my parents. It's AMAZING to have help getting Timmy to and from school and having free childcare when I have appointments.

6. We found out on December 23rd, that Emma is BREECH! I was 37 weeks, but Emma was measuring 39 weeks and they estimated her to weigh 8 lbs. 4 oz. On the ultrasound, we were able to see that she has a TON of hair! The ultrasound technician couldn't believe how long her hair was...she kept pointing to it and saying, "Look at her hair just floating in that fluid." I have had TERRIBLE heartburn with this pregnancy, and I REALLY wanted her to have a lot of hair...looks like I will get my wish! They told me that if she didn't turn on her own, that I would have to have a c-section. I have ALWAYS been afraid of having a c-section. Something about the word surgery kinda scares me. I have NEVER had a surgery in my entire life other than having my wisdom teeth cut out, but I don't count that as a surgery because I only had "laughing gas" and it was in my mouth. I went back to the doctor on December 28th, and she was still breech, so the OB scheduled a c-section for Tuesday, January 5th.

7. After all these months, I now know Emma's birthday 01/05/10. That is if I don't go into labor naturally between now and then. I have had some significant contractions, but nothing close together...Ed is off the next 2 days, so if I went into labor that would be just great. But if not, then we will welcome Emma Grace Lockwood into the world on Tuesday, January 5th at 7:30am EST. I packed our bags today, and it was so hard to decide what to bring her home in. I have packed a couple of options, so we shall wait and see what this little one looks like before I decide.

Since I have never had a c-section before, I am unsure of what the recovery will be like, but as soon as I am able, I will try to blog pictures of Emma's arrival and her "birth" story!


Here is a picture of me at 36's hard to tell, but I am REALLY carrying LOW. I am even lower today, I feel like Emma is going to fall out.

Here is a picture of the boys playing in the snow that we got the week before Christmas! Timmy LOVED it...Silas wasn't too sure about it at first, but once Daddy came outside, he got off the porch and walked around in it.

Here is a picture of Silas wearing a suit that was handed down from his cousin Matthew...isn't he just the CUTEST!

Here is a picture of Timmy doing the Bungee thingy in the mall.

Here is a picture of the boys in their Christmas PJs on Christmas morning.

Here is a picture of Ed and I on our way to Ed's work Christmas party.

That's all for now....check back in a couple of weeks to see pics of my baby girl!

Much Love in NC