Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Amazing Weekend

I just wrapped up an amazing weekend with some of the most precious girls. The Lord placed these girls in my life at UMHB and I can honestly say, even though they are about 10 years younger than I am, I still have such an awesome friendship with them.

2 of them are married, and 1 of them is "almost engaged" actually there is 1 of us who is too far away to enjoy reunions (Love you Jo). I have known these girls for almost 5 years...I have walked through many trials and triumphs in their life. I have watched them grow into GODLY women, and feel so honored to be in their life. As I was driving home today, I started reminiscing about the countless memories that we have made, and are still making. Even though we have only been able to get together about once a year, when we do get together, it's like we just saw each other last week. We catch up on old times, and talk about what the Lord is doing in their lives.

Girls...I am soooo proud of each and everyone of you! I can't wait to see what the Lord does in your life (families) in the years to come. Don't ever forget how much I love each one of you, and know that I am ALWAYS here for you!

Until next time......