Friday, May 1, 2009

My Oldest Turns 6

My oldest son, Timmy turns 6 today! I will never forget May 1, 2003 when he arrived on this earth and gave me the most beautiful name I love to hear... Mother. To honor my boy, I want to post some pics of Timmy through the years. I tried to find birthday pics for each year, but I am missing the 2nd and 4th birthday pictures, so I will just post pictures from during the years of 2 and 4.

When Timmy was little, he didn't like to get his hands dirty. He HATED touching the grass. He HATED having sticky stuff on his hands. So, when it came time for the BIG 1st birthday cake smash...he didn't go for it. I had to put his hand in the cake and then he started crying and shook his hand and got cake all over me. He ended up eating it with a fork.

When Timmy turned 2, we had his party at his Grandma & Grandpa's house in Austin, TX. They had a park on the other side of their fence. We invited all of our friends from church and their little ones. There were actually more adults than children. But Timmy didn't care, he seemed oblivious to the crowd. My cousin was living with us at the time, and she made Timmy an Elmo cake. Timmy was REALLY into has always been his favorite color. I wonder why?

For Timmy's 3rd birthday, we had a pool party at Grandma & Grandpa's pool. Timmy didn't like to get "wet" at first. I had to put water on his arms just so he would get in. After cake, he spent most of the party kissing on his 2 year old cousin, Makayla...they were truly "kissing cousins".

For Timmy's 4th birthday party, I was about to pop with Silas. His birthday is May 1st, and I had Silas on May 5th. So, our friends Matt & Shelly Cook graciously opened up their home and did the party for Timmy. My parents were already here for the birth of Silas, so it helped ALOT to have other hands. I mostly just sat in one place in the kitchen, and the party just happened around me. I wanted to make sure this birthday was special, because for 4 years he was the only child, and I knew with the arrival of Silas, his world was getting ready to be rocked.

For Timmy's 5th birthday, he actually had a tball game that night, so afterward, we went to Mr. Gatti's Pizza and had pizza and then cake. But later that weekend, he had a party with two of his friends from UMHB, Corban and Joshua. He sorta had 2 parties, so I decided to use two pictures.

So, now that Timmy is six...let me give a rundown of what's been happening since his last birthday....

*Spent the summer in Belton, TX playing TBall for the Belton Sea Dogs. He LOVED playing was probably the highlight of the summer.

*In September, we moved from Belton, TX to Atlanta, GA. I don't think Timmy truly understood what was happening at the time. I think now, in 2009, he is realizing how much he misses Texas.

*We moved in with my best friend, her husband and their little girl Gracyn. Timmy and Gracyn became INSTANT friends.

*He started kindergarted at Welch Elementary. He LOVES school. I never have a problem getting him in the morning. Yeah, I know...he's only 5/6 right. It will get harder as he gets older.

*We moved out of my best friend's house after Timmy's semester ended, and he started going to a different school, Carmel Elementary, in January. Timmy was a little confused why he couldn't have Mrs. Mitchell as his teacher, but he has fallen in love with his new teacher, Mrs. Parker. Now he wants to know why Mrs. Parker can't go to 1st grade.

*He started playing TBall again this spring. It's not a competitive league as the on in Texas, but Timmy still LOVES to play.

I can't wait to see what this year holds. Timmy is really smart and has become very good at conversations. He LOVES any and all superheroes. I wouldn't be able to tell you which one is his favorite. He loves to go to church and learn about God and he ADORES his baby brother to pieces. If you don't know my Timmy....I hope that one day you are blessed with the opportunity to meet him. He really does warm your heart just by being in his presence.

I love you baby boy! Your mine forever!

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brittney king said...

6 years old ...oh my!!! happy birthday timmy!!!