Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Children

I am so blessed by God to have my precious children in my life - Timmy and Silas are TRULY gifts from God. Lately, I have been making a more conscious effort to love on my children unconditionally, and putting them before anything I have on my to do list, etc.

For the past month or so, I have been reading a blog entitled "Bring the Rain" I came upon this blog because of 2 UMHB students who had gotten married and found out that their baby boy would not live very long once he was born. Through Brandon and Sarah's blog, I came to learn about Audrey Caroline. Audrey Caroline was the baby girl of Angie & Todd Smith (Todd is the lead singer of Selah). Angie lost Audrey the same way Sarah lost Elliott. Through Sarah and Angie emailing back and forth, Angie became a major component in Sarah's healing from the death of her son. So, I started at the beginning of Angie's blog and caught up to where I read it on a regular basis. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to take the time to read about this precious family's story. Let me forewarn you... you WILL cry, sob, pour out your heart to Jesus for this family, and when you are done, you will love on your children like never before. The first day I read it, my heart was so heavy and burden for this family, that I could do was get on my face before God and cry out to him for their pain, their sorrow, their loss.

I love to read the words that Angie writes...she is transparent with strangers. I have never laid eyes on her, but I feel like I know her soul. Recently, a former singer of Selah, Nicol Sponberg's 2 month old baby boy died from SIDS...not even 6 months from when Audrey Caroline died, and now this precious family is mourning the loss of another precious baby. On Angie's blog posted on June 25th, she has a video of Nicol (holding baby Luke) singing a song at Audrey's burial. I just can't imagine the feeling of not getting to hold my baby anymore, of the emptiness you must feel when your baby is not there to hold.

My prayer is that there NEVER goes a day that I don't make sure I love on my children, spend time with them, and truly thank God for giving me one more day to be their mommy.

May God Bless ALL the mommies in this world...hold on to your children...

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Nikki said...

Okay, Liz, how ironic that I read the SAME BLOG daily???

Love you!