Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hair Cut Day

It was hair cuts for everyone in the Lockwood family today. Everyone got a nice trim, but Silas had his VERY first haircut. Our hairstylist, Jamay, has been cutting our hair for the past 7 years, so it was exciting to see her cut Silas' hair now too.

Silas started out great! He didn't cry or fuss, but when he started putting his hands up towards the scissors and Ed had to hold his hands down, that's when things got a little crazy.

He didn't like her cutting by his ear. He didn't like his head being held down so she could get the back. Many tears were shed, and we even had to take a break to switch parents and let him calm down a bit. But after he calmed down, and mommy held his hands and let him stand up on her lap, Jamay was able to finish.
He looks like such a little boy now. Gone is the look of "baby"...I can't believe how big he is now.

Daddy started out holding far so good.

Looking cute....

No, not behind the ears me...



Nikki said...

He does look like a BIG boy now, and not a baby! Looks like you all had FUN. =)

fransmomma said...

ah! he's so handsome. :)

More Than Conquerors said...

heh heh...great pics.

Joanna said...

Love you so much Liz!!! I love that you're keeping up with your blog and posting pics!! The boys are precious!!!

I miss you!! Sitting here typing this i randomly thought about the time...when B and i were in the handicapped room and she was gone (of course!!) and you, court and me were trying to kill that darn crickett in the ceiling tile with windex....oh bless!! Such fun times!!

Love, love!!