Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh The Beauty

I am sitting here drinking a lovely cup of Starbucks coffee (that I won as a door prize at MOPS on Tuesday), looking out the window at the BEAUTIFUL fall day the Lord has given us, with 2 beautiful babies rolling around at my feet. Silas (3) and Emma (9 mo.) are playing BEAUTIFULLY together...for the moment.

It's day off...and as my to do list sits unchecked, I have to take the time and be truly thankful for the BEAUTY of the moment. As you read in my last post, Texas has really been on my heart lately...the where/when/how has really been pulling me down...however, last night at church...God gave the most amazing sermon to Pastor Fletcher, and it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. He preached on the Power Of Prayer. There were so many great nuggets of truth, that I am still dwelling on the sermon today. For so long, I have been guilty of not praying in faith about our move to Texas. I pray, but not believing, that anything will change. In I Thessalonians, it says we are to PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. I have NOT been praying without ceasing. I have not really poured my heart out to God daily, hourly, minute by minute like I should. I have just been waiting around to see what doors God will open for us. I was truly convicted last night about how I have been viewing my life as so burdensome because we don't know what's next. But I need to stop and be thankful for the BEAUTY of everything around me. I have an amazing husband that GOD made just for me, I have 3 beautiful children who are healthy, I have wonderful parents who haven't kicked us to the curb after a year of living with them :),I have 2 precious sisters that I have been able to spend SOOO much time with this past year, and EVERYDAY I get to see God's BEAUTIFUL creation. I have taken so many of these things for granted, and I hope and pray that I will not let myself get so burden down with the things in my world, that I forget to embrace the BEAUTY of the moment!

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