Friday, October 1, 2010

The Eyes Of Texas

Last time I updated, I said I would dedicate a post to Texas. So, here goes....

Most everyone knows already, but Ed and I feel like the Lord wants us back in Texas. We are not sure about how, when, etc., but we do know that Texas is where we will move next.

We have been living with my parents in NC since October 24, 2009. We are EXTREMELY grateful to my parents for opening up their home to our family of 5. Eight people, three of them being under the age of 8, can be a little crowded at times. I am normally an extremely organized person. I wouldn't go as to say I am obsessive about it, but you can ask Ed, in the past, I was extremely organized. I long to be that way again, but it's been hard for me to organize my life in the our living space in my parent's house. I am so looking forward to having a place of our own again, (not that I'm unhappy here at my parents), but ready to get a structured schedule going for our family. Living with my parents has helped us to get caught up on our bills, and even pay some debt off so it's definitely been a blessing. But after a year, we feel like it's time to grow our roots elsewhere. The question is...where?!?!

We know beyond a shadow of doubt that Texas is where we will be one day. Ed and I have been pursuing employment down in the Austin/Round Rock area. I have even been applying at jobs back at UMHB, but we haven't had much response. Ed did receive a phone interview with Dell Computers back in August, but it didn't pan out. Ed has heard from a couple of companies that says, "When you move down here, give us a call." Well, Ed and I do not have a peace about moving our families to Texas without employment first. When we moved to GA, we struggled for 2 months before employment was obtained. We both have been seeking God's face as to HIS will for us...what's our next step...when do we go.... we wait. We continue with the life we have made for ourselves here, and we wait to hear God say, "Move Now". If you remember, please pray for us as we wait for God's leading. We are anxious to return back "Home" to Texas, and sometimes can become a little impatient.

Until Next Time....

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