Thursday, July 16, 2009

Above All Else..I AM BLESSED

I just have to say what a WONDERFUL summer of 2009 this has turned out to be! The past 10 months have DEFINITELY been THE HARDEST months of my entire life. God has truly used this time in our lives to refine us to become more like HIM. Never would I have dreamed when I pulled out of UMHB in September of 2008, that Ed and I would have so many HIGHS and LOWS in our adventures of walking by faith.

When we left UMHB to move to Atlanta, we knew upon arriving, that ISF was unable to pay Ed for working. We were coming on a volunteer basis, because we HEARD God tell us to "Go Now!" ISF had a need, and we were being called to meet that need. We didn't have a place to live, we didn't have jobs, we didn't have a church home anymore...we only had each other and the FAITH that GOD will take care of us. And even though Ed still doesn't have a full time job...God has TRULY taken care of us. We have been blessed beyond measure. Not necessarily FINANCIAL blessing...but God's blessings do not always have to be financial.
HE has blessed us with amazing family and friends who have stepped up right beside us to walk this road with us.
HE has lead us to a new home church where we sit under a pastor who loves God and who loves people and truly challenges us each and every week to persevere in our faith. I can't tell you how many times the sermons that Pastor George has preached have been the exact words we needed to hear.
HE has given us a community/small group that has wrapped their arms around us and loved us, prayed with us, cried with us, and rejoices with us. They have become like family to us, and we are so blessed to be in their lives.
HE has walked with us through another miscarriage in January, actually carrying us most of the time, and then turned right around and BLESSED us with our next child that I carry with honor and gratitude.
In May, we were blessed to get a taste of TEXAS when Ed's best friend Tim and his precious wife dropped in for a visit. Oh, how we needed a touch of "home".
HE has made it possible for our NC family members to visit on 3 different occassions this summer, and EACH of those times, we have been ABUNDANTLY blessed by their visit.
HE has provided ways for our NC family to watch our boys on the two most important weeks in ISF for Ed - training camp.
HE has used my father to bless us by GIVING us a car, so now we are a 2 car family. This has saved us time AND money on gas!
HE has blessed me with a little sister who gives me a glimpse of the goodness of God EVERYTIME I am with her. We are both living in different places this year than we were last year. God has been working in her famiy in the past year and I am HONORED to be able to sit and watch how GOOD GOD has been to her and her family! I love you little Nikki! Thanks for blessing me this week!

After all of these blessings, I can't help but throw my worries about our future aside and dwell on the fact that GOD has NEVER left us! And because of that I can say,


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Nikki said...

Oh, Liz....your words have truly blessed me. It is so touching to hear you say those things about me. It also says something about you too though, it tells what a sweet person you are, because mine and Leonard's situation and how "good" God has been to us could really cause you to become bitter and ask God why not me, but instead you are thankful to our wonderful God for how HE has blessed my family. I am also blessed to have such a strong sister as you. I look up to you and hope that if I am ever in the same situation as you, I will be as strong as you. I love you more than you will ever know...thanks for sharing your boys with me this week.