Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Living By Faith

Ok...this is WAY overdue. I really need to get in the daily habit of blogging for all my friends and family in Texas!!! I promise I will try and do better :)

Since arriving to Georgia, God has DEFINITELY been teaching Ed and I lessons upon lessons. Let me start off by saying that we KNOW God wants us here, but things have been rough for us. There have been MANY, MANY times where either Ed or myself have said, "Let's just go back to Texas." We have literally fallen on our faces before God and cried out to HIM for re-assurance. We never thought when we got here that it would take so long for me to find a job. We arrived on September 1st and I didn't start working full time until November 3rd. 2 full months without money coming in...yikes! Fortunately for us, God used my parents to bless us tremendously with money to help us make ends meet. We also had some very special friends send us money as well.

Through our financial crunch came lesson #1 - I now know what it's like to not know how you are going to feed your children. When you get to this point, you have no where else to look but UP. God has given me a heart for those needy, poor, hurting souls out there. When you don't have much, it makes you appreciate every single meal you eat, every piece of clothes you have, the roof above your head. The fact that you know your children will be warm at night. My God has provided for ALL our needs! He has proved faithful!

Getting my job came lesson #2 - Patience. Patience. Patience. When we try to "take hold" of the reins of our life, then things are chaotic. I can't tell you how many resumes I sent through email, how many on-line applications I filled out - at least 200 plus. I had 3 interviews and the 3rd interview was with Life. The 1st two, I had NO peace at all when I left. I knew that wasn't where God wanted me. But when I had my interview at Life...I could actually see myself sitting at that desk. I had a vision of a pic of Ed and I on the corner of the desk. I had a GREAT interview with one of the professors. I felt very confident upon leaving. It was a Monday, and they told me that I would hear by Thursday of that week. Well, Thursday came and went, Friday, came and went. I was so disappointed. I couldn't believe that I didn't get it. I went home to NC for the weekend to visit my family to get my mind off the fact that I thought that was the job God had for me. When I arrived back to Georgia on Sunday, I started once again the normal chore of a Sunday night looking in the paper for jobs and applying for those I was interested in. Still, I was very unsettled about not getting the job at Life. I started questioning if I was even good enough for any job. Ed was extremely encouraging to me. He told me that I needed to call Life on Monday and see if they had filled the position. He said, "until you know if it's filled, you may still be in the pool of candidates." So, I called the HR dept at Life and they told me that they had not received any documents stating who they were offering the position to. So, I called the professor who I interviewed with, and he told me that he remembered me and they still hadn't decided. The interviews had to get pushed back that had been scheduled later in the week, and they needed to meet with the department heads to decide. Well...that got me excited...there was still a chance. The next Wednesday, I attended Substitute Training for Coweta county schools. I was going to be a sub until I found a full time job. That afternoon I was in Kroger buying some groceries, and I got the call...the answer to my prayers....Life University was offering me a full time job. I WAS THRILLED! If I hadn't been in Kroger then I would have screamed. My heart started beating so fast!!! My start date was November 3rd. I really enjoy working here. The professors I work for are great and I am doing what I went to college for. :) The only bad part is that Life University is in Marietta, GA which is about 40 miles from Newnan, GA where my friend lives. But in Atlanta traffic, it takes me anywhere from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to get to work and the same amount of time to get home. That can be tiring, but I just sing away with my IPOD...Im good to go :) I don't get to see the kids except for 2 hours a day Mon-Fri, but on the 22nd of November, we are moving into our apartment that is about 10 miles from where I work, so the commute will be much less. Can't wait to see all my stuff that has been in storage for so long...it's going to be like Christmas.

There is much more I could write, but I will close for now. I am really hoping that I can blog on a regular basis. I don't want all my Texas friends to think I fell off the planet in Georgia! We have taken some pics of the kids recently, so I will try to get those up as well.

Love you guys!


Brittney said...

hey Liz - glad you updated!!!

Joanna said...

Liz! I loved reading your "update"! And how amazing the Lord has worked in your lives... He is so faitful!!!

Thank you for your sweet prayers everyday!!
I am working for a cardiologist in town. It's a private office and there are only 5 people who work there including the dr.! So its a perfect enviroment!!! It has been such a blessing!!!!

I miss you!!!! Love you!!!